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Watch the ProTouch in action with different clinical Laser Techniques as presented at AUA 2016 in San Diego, CA

Join us at AUA 2017 in Boston, MA

T-1470 ProTouch Featured On CBS19 Healthwise

Treatment for enlarged prostate at Martha Jefferson Hospital.


Laser Technology In Action

video enucleation dasEnucleation or T-LEPPerformed by Dr. Akhil K. Das.

Enucleation or T-LEP
Using end-firing fiber to dissect the prostatic lobes into small pieces to be evacuated through the resectoscope sheath.


video controlled bleeding liuControlled BleedingPerformed by Dr. Chun-Xiao Liu.

Controlled Bleeding
ProTouch 1470nm laser with special laser pulse mechanism to provide rapid hemostasis during surgery without undesirably collateral zone of thermal damage and tissue necrosis.
1470nm ProTouch laser has optical penetration depths of approximately 0.3 to 0.6 mm produced the strongest blood vessel seals. ProTouch laser has demonstrated the capability of sealing a wide range of blood vessels without charring.


video ablation seabury AblationPerformed by Dr. Charles A. Seabury.

The side-firing fiber is rotated about its axis to deliver laser power laterally to remove tissues.


video mela arnoldMELAPerformed by Dr. Paul M. Arnold.

Modified Enucleation with Laser Ablation
Surgeons can first enucleate the median-lobe with an end-firing fiber to open up more space, then use a side-firing fiber to ablate the left and right lateral lobes. The T-1470 ProTouch can help surgeons transition from ablation technique to enucleation technique.


video partial nephrectomy fortenberry Partial NephrectomyPerformed by Dr. Frazier Fortenberry.

Partial Nephrectomy
T-1470nm ProTouch laser is a critical tool for the Open Partial Nephrectomy surgery. It provides an effective resection and excellent hemostasis with only 30-watt laser power and 800um end-firing fiber optic delivery system.



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